Winter 2014

President’s Report Preview

Another Great Year at the Alma Mater of the Nation

Though we call ourselves a college, William & Mary has been a university since 1779, when our law school, the first in the United States, was created. We are now [...]

2015 Alumni Medallion Awards

The highest and most prestigious award given by the William & Mary Alumni Association, the Alumni Medallion is presented to those who truly embody what the College has stood for [...]

Breaking Ebola

A Reason for Hope

Traveling to Liberia this fall, public health advocate Patrick Flaherty ’92 marshalled his expertise and training to take on a deadly adversary – the Ebola virus. On Sept. 8, 2014, Patrick [...]

Alumni Focus

A True Homecoming

In 1971, I stepped on the brick-lined campus of William & Mary as a wide-eyed freshman. As I look back now, I didn’t fully realize the extent to which that [...]

By & Large

Shell Games

Though they don’t wear trench coats or conduct stakeouts, calling Jeffrey Shields and his colleagues detectives might be the easiest way to explain their role at William & Mary’s Virginia [...]

By & Large

The New Revolutionaries

When Todd Mooradian spent the summer of ’76 learning to program a computer with IBM punch cards, it seemed like a mandatory skill for a college student to master. But [...]

By & Large

Ten for the Tribe

Lindsey Buckheit ’15 knows firsthand just how important philanthropy is for the student-athletes who represent the Tribe in athletic competition. Without private support, Buckheit and other students might not have [...]

By & Large

Winning Ways

When you think of field hockey at William & Mary, you can’t help but think of Peel Hawthorne ’80. One of the most successful coaches in the history of Division I [...]


VIMS to Help Protect Key Native American Site

A $199,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will allow researchers at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) to help protect Werowocomoco — one of [...]


Forward Progress

A $199,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will allow researchers at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) to help protect Werowocomoco — one of [...]

News Briefs

GET SMART William & Mary is one of the smartest public colleges in the country, according to a report published by Business Insider in October. The business and technology news website [...]

By the Book

Golden Opportunity

In his novel Golden Chains, published in June, David McCaskey J.D. ’77 merges his own experiences as a lawyer, Army veteran and beekeeper to create a vivid narrative of a [...]


Mr. Hollywood

Working with world-renowned actors such as Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Adam Sandler, Sullivan Stapleton and Charlize Theron is just another day at the office for Phil Sun ’04, an [...]


Six Degrees of W&M

Since 1693, the College of William & Mary has educated students and, by result, produced bright and notable alumni whose memories of Williamsburg remain in their minds and hearts for [...]


Tribe Tapestry

1. Atlanta 
Atlanta alumni supported Tribe football and were featured on the scoreboard during their Homecoming game watch. Alumni, family and friends enjoyed a Yule Log celebration in December at the [...]


Designer Dreams

For Mikasa La’Charles ’06, fashion is in her blood. With both her mother and aunt modeling professionally all over the world, it was only natural that La’Charles developed her passion [...]


Being the Match

“Doesn’t it hurt really bad?” As co-chair of the College’s Alan Bukzin Memorial Bone Marrow Drive, Troy Thomas ’16 hears this question often. Thomas himself has donated peripheral blood stem [...]


‘You Always Have a Home Here’

“I know when I was a student it never dawned on me to work for the government.” The middle link in a multigenerational alumni family, Denise Sheehan ’78 came to campus [...]

Photo Features

Photos of snow on campus, the College mace and the William & Mary Bicycle Club from 1899.


Moments in Time with Mar

The late Dr. Muguira chronicles her battle with an incurable blood cancer in this memoir told through recollections of loss, love, and impossible optimism.



Blanck uses Tyrannicide to examine the differences between northern and southern views and experiences of slavery during the American Revolution, focusing on an affair between South Carolina and Massachusetts.


The Edible South: The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region

In this delectable documentation of the American South, Ferris takes readers on a mouth-watering historical tour of what our ancestors ate and how food shaped their legacies.


The Adventures of Hood & Fudd

Young Hood Haas lives in the mountains of late 19th century Virginia and struggles with his half white, half Cherokee identity. He frets over the temptation to avenge his father’s [...]


We Should Hang Out Sometime

Josh Sundquist’s self-proclaimed “embarrassingly true story” tells of his awkward and hilarious attempts to find love, beginning with a realization at the age of 25 that he had never had [...]


A Wasp in a Fig Tree

Set in South Texas during Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, Stafford’s novel follows the adventures and discoveries of young Isabel Martin. Mysterious rumors spread around her like wildfire as she tries to [...]


Female Bodies on the American Stage

Mobley’s essays focus on female body image in the American theatre, drawing from performing arts, feminist, and sociological standpoints. She addresses common stereotypes and the significance of cultural norms in [...]


Women of War

This collection of memoirs, poems, and pieces of fiction brings to light the untold stories of different Virginian women that lived through the American Civil War.


Practical Parenting

Dr. Lovlie’s backgrounds in pediatrics and anthropology come together in this crash-course guide to raising children, addressing topics that range from baby’s bath time to dealing with hormonal teenagers.


Voices in the Wine

This book of poetry is a total emotional exploration of Marshall’s thoughts and inspirations, decorated with saturated color images on every page that reiterate his bold words.


Innovation Step-By-Step

Eich’s handy pocket guide to tackling all types of challenges endorses efficient problem-solving strategies, innovative devices to induce productivity, and entrepreneurial advice intended to inspire organization.


I Choose Life

I Choose Life recounts the spiritual, economic, and relational struggles of Bee Daley, and how she relied on a strong faith in her God to defy all odds and overcome [...]


A History Lover’s Guide to Washington, D.C.

Rather than serving as just another tourist’s handbook, Fortier’s guide to the nation’s capital is a sweeping historic journey through its nooks and crannies from her insider perspective.


Privatization and the Public Good

Lambert’s book addresses the American higher education system, specifically the advantages and disadvantages of public colleges and universities, and the effects of the government’s involvement in public ones.


An Accidental Abduction

Rife with action and life or death choices, Cyr’s novel follows a Midwestern girl’s journey to Morocco and her fight for survival after being kidnapped by terrorists.


A Storm of Witchcraft

Baker delves into the hysteria and absurdities of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, focusing not only on how they affected nearby towns, but 17th century America as a whole.


Innovations in HIV Prevention Research and Practice Through Community Engagement

This scientific analysis of modern day HIV knowledge emphasizes the importance of educating the public on forms of prevention and treatment, as well as focusing on the practices that best [...]


A Broken Badge Healed?

Donner’s true story of battling cancer and facing dramatic career changes compares and contrasts his disease with the hardships of working for one of the toughest organizations in the nation, [...]