Top of the Field

From STEM to String Quartets with Jean Shuler ’63

If you’re an opera singer performing in the San Francisco Bay Area, odds are pretty good that Jean Shuler ’63 is in attendance. If there’s a young woman looking for [...]

Around the Globe with W&M

Creating Unforgettable Memories with Alumni Journeys

In 1804, Merriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on a two-year journey of exploration conceived by Thomas Jefferson 1762. The Jefferson administration sought to discover the resources that land from [...]

For the Greater Green & Gold

Terra Alpha Investments advocates for companies to adopt environmentally smart practices

Timothy Dunn ’83 was at the height of his career as a global portfolio manager. He managed funds in the billions. With a worn passport and a suitcase always on [...]

Beyond the ’Burg

Alumni Stay Connected From Coast to Coast

Charter Day Events DC Metro: Gold Rush Game Watch at BlackFinn D.C. Maryland: Gold Rush Game Watch at Big Jim’s Deli. Atlanta: Celebration at the Symphony. Central Florida: Celebration at the Stubborn Mule. Charleston: Celebration [...]

Board Notes

The winter meeting of the William & Mary Alumni Association (WMAA) Board of Directors was held at the Alumni House, February 9-10, 2017. On Feb. 9, the full board began [...]