Pocket Full of Sunshine

Pocket Sun '13 is changing venture capital. And she's only 27.

Just nine years ago, she was a wide-eyed freshman at William & Mary. Now she runs a multimillion-dollar venture capital firm, SoGal Ventures, with cofounder Elizabeth Galbut, and has more [...]

One Hundred Years

In February 1918, the Virginia General Assembly authorized William & Mary to admit women students for the fall semester. When women came to the university, Mary didn’t just join William, [...]

The Wikiman

In the third-floor office of a beige brick townhouse just a few miles from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, Steven Pruitt ’06 is demonstrating how he uses AutoWikiBrowser, a tool [...]

Power Abroad

Grace Perkins ’14 is electrifying sub-Saharan Africa

ALUMNI PROFILE A tailor in Senegal is growing his business because he has reliable electricity from solar panels. A woman in Uganda was recently able to watch the presidential debates [...]