Let’s Have a Parade!

In 1924, something about Thanksgiving morning was different in New York. The flier promised clowns, cowboys and sword-wielding knights. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Little Miss Muffett [...]

Open Doors

Half of Syria has fled the country in the wake of ongoing civil war. They land, by the hundreds of thousands, in neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan and even Iraq. [...]

2016 Alumni Fellowship Award Recipients

Every year, the Alumni Association honors a select group of outstanding young faculty members. We hope you’ll agree that these professors reflect William & Mary at its very best. Introducing: [...]

A Launch Into Stem Futures

Camp Launch Ignited Opportunities for Gifted Middle-School Students

The small robot swivels, then zooms past the upside-down plastic cup before stalling. Reset. This time, it winds itself around the same plastic cup, then another, but stops short of [...]

Bright Lights, Big Apple

Inspiring Leadership, from the Crim Dell to the Brooklyn Bridge and Beyond.

To walk the streets of modern New York City is to know something about Athens or Rome, Constantinople in their gilded heydays. If you look hard, you can find the [...]

When Dark Moments Strike Bright Minds

Statistics can’t tell the whole story, but they’re a starting point. College students in the United States are struggling more than ever, but for this community, William & Mary has [...]

Home Sweet Lodge

For over 60 years, the Lodges have stood at the heart of William & Mary. A short walk from nearly anything on campus, they have been coveted as the ideal [...]

Repeated Annihilation

The craft behind the comedy of Patton Oswalt '91

Patton Oswalt ’91 knows he may get utterly destroyed at any time. This, he says, is a good thing. You, too, should welcome it. “It’s July 18, 1988, between my freshman [...]

It Takes a Research University

Marco Colo sits in a small room in Small Hall scanning a dozen large monitors for clues about how the universe began. Colo, a Ph.D. physics student, is looking for the [...]

Books & Beyond

Celebrating a half-century of Swem through its unique collections

In the 1700s, when William & Mary’s library was housed in the Wren Building, students had to pay 10 shillings a year to use it and could borrow one book [...]