Home Sweet Lodge

For over 60 years, the Lodges have stood at the heart of William & Mary. A short walk from nearly anything on campus, they have been coveted as the ideal [...]

Repeated Annihilation

The craft behind the comedy of Patton Oswalt '91

Patton Oswalt ’91 knows he may get utterly destroyed at any time. This, he says, is a good thing. You, too, should welcome it. “It’s July 18, 1988, between my freshman [...]

It Takes a Research University

Marco Colo sits in a small room in Small Hall scanning a dozen large monitors for clues about how the universe began. Colo, a Ph.D. physics student, is looking for the [...]

Books & Beyond

Celebrating a half-century of Swem through its unique collections

In the 1700s, when William & Mary’s library was housed in the Wren Building, students had to pay 10 shillings a year to use it and could borrow one book [...]

2015 Alumni Fellowship Award Recipients

Photograph by Adam Ewing Eric Han Associate Professor of History Budget showdowns, congressional power struggles and controversial national symbols are some of Eric Han’s research interests — it’s just that he’s looking back [...]

A Place to Call Home

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan '83 searches the galaxy for life

There are no nights on this planet. The sun never goes down. It hangs in the sky, churning out a powerful, possibly dangerous magnetic light show, every day, all year. [...]

The New Syllabus

Ted Dintersmith '74 reimagines education

A third-grade boy takes a test in his science class. A question asks, “What would you use to lift a grown man?” For the past few weeks, the class had [...]

For the Win

Jill Ellis '88 and U.S. World Cup champions inspire another generation

It had been 16 years. The U.S Women’s National Team (USWNT) had not won a World Cup since heroes such as Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain lifted the [...]

Putting Flesh on the Bones

The Lemon Project confronts the College's most difficult history

Williamsburg, June 1809. In the last light of day, a man named Lemon kneels in his garden, his weathered hands searching the dirt for potatoes to fill his basket. His [...]

On Point

James Comey '82, LL.D. '08 lights a fire for W&M students in D.C.

WASHINGTON – When the FBI agent fires it on full automatic, the 56 assembled William & Mary students nearly jump out of their seats, although they’re safe behind bulletproof glass. [...]